End of Year Celerbations…..

  Sorry, I mean end of financial year jobs.             Anyway, enough with the disappointment, on with the important stuff With the end of the financial year as a business owner there are several things you should tick off to make the end of financial year and preparing for tax […]

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Accounting Lingo

Sometimes it might feel like we’re speaking a new language, so we’ve put together a list of common accounting and taxation acronyms and terms we get asked about. If the term you’re looking for is not here, let us know and we will send you a definition. We’ve also included links to each so you

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Director Identification Numbers

If you’re a director of a company, you may have heard the term Director ID lately. It is now a requirement by ASIC that all company directors have a Director ID. A director identification number (director ID) is a unique identifier you will keep forever. You will only ever have one Director ID, no matter

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