Family and Domestic Violence Leave

You may have heard, Australia has recently introduced new employee entitlements for family and domestic violence leave to better support victims of such violence. The new legislation, which will come into effect on August 1st 2023, provides for up to 10 days of paid leave per year for eligible employees within a small business of […]

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End of Year Celerbations…..

  Sorry, I mean end of financial year jobs.             Anyway, enough with the disappointment, on with the important stuff With the end of the financial year as a business owner there are several things you should tick off to make the end of financial year and preparing for tax

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Accounting Lingo

Sometimes it might feel like we’re speaking a new language, so we’ve put together a list of common accounting and taxation acronyms and terms we get asked about. If the term you’re looking for is not here, let us know and we will send you a definition. We’ve also included links to each so you

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Director Identification Numbers

If you’re a director of a company, you may have heard the term Director ID lately. It is now a requirement by ASIC that all company directors have a Director ID. A director identification number (director ID) is a unique identifier you will keep forever. You will only ever have one Director ID, no matter

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